The primary aim of the project was to introduce, promote, build and deliver a wider STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine) curriculum for adult learners, within WEA, with a biomedical focus (differentiated from other STEMM funded projects), to minimise barriers to learning in STEMM subjects and to provide stepping stones to wider study for hard to reach learners and those under-represented in STEMM subjects.

We have brought STEMM education with a social purpose into the heart of our communities for students who have been traditionally hard to reach, to broaden their understanding of the science around them and helped build their Science Capital. By increasing their understanding of current scientific, social and political issues within a science-based context, we have explored how improvements to health can be made and also to bring greater recognition of the work of the Wellcome Trust.

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The project was a brilliant example of how partners can work with the WEA to deliver an education model hitting a specific target audience or social group. Think we can help? Drop us an email at par[email protected] and our team will be back in touch.