Looking for work or an apprenticeship takes time and accessing the right resources can make your search more effective. Here are some sites that advertise job opportunities and also some resources to help you look for vacancies in areas of work you are interested in.


Apprenticeships are available for adults; there is no upper age limit (16 years old and over). They are available across a number of industries and organisations ranging from engineering, business, law, nursing, childcare to retail, and much more. 

An apprenticeship could be for you if:

  • You are practical and hands-on
  • Would like to earn and learn at the same time 
  • Want to get job-related skills and work alongside experienced staff
  • Want to gain a certificate to evidence your skills and abilities. Qualifications start from level 2 (GCSE equivalent) to level 7 (Degree equivalent)
  • You are thinking about a career change or a promotion 
  • You want to use your current skills and abilities in a new field.

Below are a few links to help you make a start in searching for apprenticeship opportunities. 

Alternatively, you can research organisations you would like to work for and see whether they offer any apprenticeship opportunities. 

Find an apprenticeship.

Job Hunting Websites

The websites listed below can help you look for current job opportunities in the field you are interested in. You may be required to register with some of the websites to apply for opportunities or receive notifications of new job opportunities.

Other places to look would be national and regional newspapers, Facebook, Twitter, or local recruitment agencies.

Below are some organisations that offer supported employment opportunities for individuals with a specific learning difficulty and or disability.

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